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We need to talk about... D365 Sales... Data Improvement

Next in my blog series on specific features released as part of the Release Wave 2 updates for 2022 is Data Improvement with D365 Sales. The feature in question is Sales Sequences within D365 Sales.

Within your D365 Sales implementation under App Setting, you will have access to the Data Improvement area.

Duplicate Detection

Duplicate Detection within this area is simply a re-rendering of the traditional duplicate detection rules we always created and managed under Data Management within System Settings.

Slightly more intuitive interface, but if you choose to use this and not the Duplicate Detection rules in the System Settings you are restricted to a single rule, as outlined below, i.e. leads with the same email, phone number, similar company and domain name.

Obviously, within Data Management you can still configure as many rules, with as many different fields as you like. But as per the warning below, it recommends using either or and not both.

Email Validation

Email Validation however is a brand new feature within this Data Improvement area. and is focused on probably the most important piece of information we capture about Leads, their email address.

To turn it on, simply activate using the radio button,

Once activated we can now test by trying to create a Lead with an email which doesn't mean the following guidelines

  • Incorrect Syntax - missing an @ or full stop, so not a properly formatted email address

  • Disposable Domain - or, known disposable email domains

  • Spam Address - or known spam addresses

  • Expired Address

End User value

The main value that Data Improvement brings to the implementation of your sales process is that it helps to ensure data is as accurate as it can be without affecting the user experience too much.

Hope you all enjoyed this post on the Release Wave 2 plans for 2022 for D365. I will continue this series with some additional content specifically related to Marketing and Customer Service. Take Care, Speak Soon!

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