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We need to talk about... Power Pages... Copilot in Power Pages

Next in my blog series and continuing on from the release wave announcement specifically for Power Pages. I now dive into a walkthrough of the features and functionality which are now available through Copilot

As we now know Copilot is the generative AI assistant making inroads into all Microsoft and specifically Dynamics 365 productss. Following its debut at BUILD, we can see a whole range of features introduced to the Power Pages space which revolutionizes website design and form creation.

Copilot pane in design studio

The Copilot icon will be accessible to users from within he design studio itself and will present a sidebar for users to enter natural language.

Now, users have the convenience of expressing their ideas in plain language to build a page, add a section, design a theme, or include a form effortlessly. Copilot breathes life into your concepts right on your website.

Simplifying page creation and design

With Copilot, designing pages becomes incredibly streamlined. Just by describing an idea for a page, Copilot can produce generic layouts, complete with suitable text and stock images. Whether you want to change images, rework layouts, or update text, Copilot equips you with the tools and adaptability to effortlessly shape the entire design process according to your vision.

Access to a massive stock image library

Upgrade your Pages design with access to an extensive built-in library, giving users access to a vast selection of over 20,000 images, all covered by Makers' licensing. This collection isn't confined to stock photos alone, it includes a wide array of illustrations and icons as well, which cater for a range of design requirements. Whether you seek the ideal image to enhance your layout or an icon to symbolize a specific function, the library has a vast selection of imagery to choose from.

Efficient form generation and configuration

With Copilot, Makers can seamlessly integrate forms into their pages to complete their site’s functionality. Whether it’s to collect information, process applications, initiate conversations, or gather feedback, our intuitive form generation capability has you covered. By describing the form you need, Copilot automatically suggests fields and options for you to refine.

Once you are happy with the changes, Copilot creates the Dataverse table and form for you. This saves you hours of complex configuration and manual steps, allowing you to effortlessly add essential functionalities to your site, making it fully operational and tailored to your specific needs.

Theme generation and styling

Users can generate theme colours and schemes for use in your site using Copilot. Once you’ve applied a theme, you can continuously refine and edit it in the styling workspace.

Improved in-context experiences to generate text

Responding to customer feedback, we have made significant enhancements, especially to the Text Copilot feature. The Text Copilot feature has become more discoverable, with simple rewrite options that are easily accessible directly from the context menu.

Hope you all enjoyed this post on the Power Pages. I will continue this series with some additional content specifically related to Power Pages and how they work with other aspects of the Power Platform. Take Care, Speak Soon!

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