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We need to talk about... Power Platform Release Wave 2 for 2023... Power Pages

Today I am taking you through the features and functionality we can expect to see released between October 2023 and March 2024 for Power Pages

The PDF file also includes information about Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Pages, Power Virtual Agents, Microsoft Dataverse, Microsoft Power Platform governance and administration, and data integration.

The Microsoft Power Platform features coming in the 2023 release wave 2 have been summarized in a separate release plan as well as a downloadable PDF

Enable Managed Environments in Power Pages

Managed Environments provides a packaged offering of advanced governance and security offerings to effectively run sensitive workloads. Additionally, onboarding Power Pages will provide a governance experience consistent with other Power Platform products like Power Apps and Power Automate.

Depending on their selections while enabling Managed Environments, Power Platform admins will be able to do the following after switching on Managed Environments for any environment:

  • Add cards to their Power Platform admin centre homepage surface to track maker usage and other insights and will get email digests including licensing usage.

  • Get Managed Environment only specific features in the Power Platform admin center, such as Power Advisor insights and actions for Power Pages.

Collaborate with commenting capabilities

This functionality, allows users additional levels of collaboration and efficiency within teams, enabling them to collectively construct Power Pages websites.

Within the usual work setting, team members often seek a more efficient method to collaborate, offer comments, and exchange notes and tasks while engaged in website development. Up until now, Power Pages creators have resorted to external tools like emails and chats, often requiring additional context setup, potentially hampering individual productivity.

The addition of commenting into Power Pages introduces a new way for collaboration among team members engaged in the portal build. This feature is expected to increase engagement and optimize productivity within teams, providing real-time insights into collaborators and facilitating the exchange of feedback and review requests throughout the website development process.

Use Copilot to create a website

This functionality enables users to make use of Power Pages Copilot for the effortless generation of websites using AI-driven prompts. Simply describe your concept, articulate it within the prompt area and the rest of the work is done for you Power Pages.

If you're a consultant making a portal, within Power Pages, you can employ Copilot to "proof of concept" the design of the website, starting from the homepage. Once you've provided your description, Power Pages will harness generative AI to work out the site's structure, crafting homepage layouts and different variations.

Once these are assembled together, you can continue to use Copilot inside the design studio to modify and refine the website.

Enable website copilot actions for users

System admin have the option to activate Copilot functionalities on all websites/portals within their tenant. This allows users to seek assistance from Copilot in order to accomplish their tasks more efficiently. This enhancement will significantly enhance the user experience, allowing them to expedite task completion by instructing Copilot directly on the website, eliminating the need to manually locate and navigate through the required steps.

You will have the capability to enable Copilot actions (presently embodied as a Power Virtual Agents) on your website, thereby aiding users in carrying out various website actions.

Site users can engage with your site's Copilot, requesting assistance to fulfill tasks such as completing uncomplicated forms with fundamental validation, locating and being guided to specific resources on the website, and more.

Hope you all enjoyed this post on the Power Pages Release Wave 2 for 2024 updates I will continue this series with some additional content specifically related to the remainder of the Power Platform in coming weeks. Take Care, Speak Soon!

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