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We need to talk about......D365 Sales......Microsoft Teams Conversation Intelligence

Using Microsoft Teams Conversation Intelligence allows Sales teams to use the Microsoft Teams as their voice platform and then analyse client calls before using this analysis to forecast their future sales. Making Microsoft Teams calls from within Dynamics 365 can ease the daily activities of a salesperson and with the help of many other features that Dynamics 365, such as the Sales Accelerator, they can’t miss a call. However, the benefits don’t stop here.

In this latest post, I will discuss the features and functionality that Conversation Intelligence provides to users and discuss how can we configure conversation intelligence to connect call data.

Conversation Intelligence To use this feature along with other Sales Insights capabilities, we require either Dynamics 365 Sales Insights or Sales Premium Licenses. For more information about the licensing of Sales Insights and Sales Premium, please check the Sales licensing guide.

We can access Conversation Intelligence from the following link,

Conversation Intelligence benefits

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights with Conversation Intelligence helps the client in multiple ways. It helps Sales Managers and the wider sales administration team, as well a number of key benefits which are outlined below,

Record calls Calls are essentially the existing phone call records that are stored within your Sales solution and they are retrieved and pulled into the solution. From this point, they can be listened to by the management or the sales teams to follow up on the client requests.

Transcript calls Calls are transcripted for easy analysis and moreover searchable to find out exactly what clients' are talking about, what makes them ticks, what interests do they have, essentially a vast amount of soft intelligence about the client.

Dynamics 365 Conversation Intelligence provides sentiment analysis for the tracked calls as in the snapshot to the right. As shown, there were 29% of which were positive phone class and other calls were neutral or negative phone calls.

We can drill down to the calls that are negative and use the previous benefits by listening to those calls or looking at the transcript. Sales managers can take corrective actions and help their team build a better fruitful relationship with their customers based on the insights collected from the calls.

Conversation Sentiment Analysis Organizations can set a number of keywords to listen to in a conversation. These keywords are meaningful terminologies in the client business and can indicate the client’s intention or direction to buy.

Organizations can also use those keywords to indicate how the market is behaving at a certain point in time.

Competitor Analysis Users can also analyse the mention of competitors within their customers’ conversation and which competitor is mostly active in which verticle.

Translate calls Microsoft Teams Conversation Intelligence can help organizations working with different parts of the world and deal with clients from different backgrounds and languages. It translates non-English calls into English to make the call accessible to the entire sales team and management for analysis.

Hope you all enjoyed this post on the Release Wave 2 plans for 2021 for D365 for Sales. I will continue this series with some additional content specifically related to Marketing and Customer Service. Take Care, Speak Soon!

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