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We need to talk about......D365 Release Wave 2 2021......General Updates

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Kicking off my next blog series this week and it will focus on the new features and functionality currently being released as part of Release Wave 2 for 2021.

The Microsoft Power Platform release plan for the 2021 release wave 2 describes the new features being rele from October 2021 through to March 2022 for Power BI, Power Apps, Power Apps portals, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, and AI Builder, as well as Microsoft Power Platform, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. You can either browse the release plan online or download the document as a PDF file.

In this first blog post I am going to focus on some of the new UI changes that form part of the Power Platform but you will see these appear across all the business apps for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service.

Improved Sitemap Editor

Within the general release there has been a small update to the already well known SiteMap editor. You now have the ability to group your entities into collapsible sections, making for a slicker and tidier interface once you publish your entities.

This is completed by going to as normal to perform customisations, select your App and then from the left hand side, select navigation and as you can see below I have Service, Service Management etc all in collapsible sections.

Multiple Side Panels

A feature which at the time of posting in mid November still doesn't appear to have been released formally yet. But an exciting update in terms of the general interface.

We now have the ability to embed side panels of information, for example below I have selected Nancy, a contact. But I can see all the Account information for the company Nancy is linked too.

Advanced Find Lookup

Really excited about this update as the Advanced Find function or the ability to build intuitive filters is always something users have struggled with.

Within an entity view we now have the following options beside the well known quick search function.

When you select "Open Advanced Filtering Panel" you now receive an embedded advanced find filter screen and you can build queries and apply filters to your data.

Configurable Views

In addition to the new Advanced Find filter component you can now easily add or remove columns from the per-configured system views. Historically this was a customisation, publish all customisations piece of work.

But as show below from the "Column Options" feature, you can easily add or remove columns for visibility or to filter from.

Bulk Edit Changes

Some nice changes around Bulk Edit of records as well which are now noteworthy.

Firstly, after selecting your records, the bulk edit form now appears embedded from the right hand side.

Secondly, you can select another form in order to see fields that may not appear on your default form, allowing for greater scale of changes to these records

Share Records experience

The Share Records experience has also had a similar make-over, in that upon selecting your records, and choosing Share from the ribbon. You now receive a more intuitive editor where you can select user/s and the associde CRUD rights for the records in your selection.

Lastly we just have some house-keeping to remind you all off............

Support has ended for Internet Explorer! Time to use Edge!

Support for IE is no more, so let's all getting moving on Microsoft Edge.

Users will start to receive the following notification, to avoid ask users to migrate to Edge or have their organisation set Edge or other supported browsers as default.

Removal of the Dynamics 365 - Custom Application

Constant point of contention during licensing discussions was the existence of the "Dynamics 365 - Custom".

Well as of March 2022, it will be no more as the plan is to remove it completely from all D365 instances...............Hurrah?!?!

Hope you all enjoyed this initial post on the Release Wave 2 plans for 2021. I will continue this series with some additional content specifically related to Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. Take Care, Speak Soon!

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