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We need to talk about... D365 Release Wave 2 2022... D365 Customer Service

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Next in my blog series on Release Wave 2 updates for 2022 is D365 for Customer Service updates.

The Dynamics 365 Release Wave 2 for 2022 outlines all the new features that will be released between October 2022 through March 2023. You can either browse the release plan online or download the document as a PDF file. The PDF file also includes information about Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Pages, Power Virtual Agents, Microsoft Dataverse, Microsoft Power Platform governance and administration, and data integration.

The Microsoft Power Platform features coming in the 2022 release wave 2 have been summarized in a separate release plan as well as a downloadable PDF.

The focus areas for this wave in terms of D365 for Customer Service are:

  • Enhanced omnichannel voice capabilities support voicemail, callback, and direct agent dialling.

  • Enhanced unified routing with support for longest-idle routing, percentage-based routing, and preferred agent routing, with simplified skill management.

  • Improved Microsoft Teams collaboration capabilities with customer support swarming to help agents resolve complex cases, and improvements to the embedded Teams chat and Teams meeting integration capabilities.

  • Modernized agent experience with a new continuous view of previous conversations, enhanced multi-session navigation, and AI-powered conversation summary.

  • Improved extensibility of the out-of-the-box reports and ability for supervisors to view Power Virtual Agents analytics within their Omnichannel analytics dashboards.

Customer support swarming for complex cases

In a recent post, I introduced this new integrated Teams feature that enables support agents and subject matter experts to come together and collaborate on specific cases and quickly resolve customer issues. In the latest release wave, this public preview will provide an updated agent experience to improve the swarm creation flow, manage swarm progress and wrap-up activities.

Additional duration detail for SLA metrics

The SLA KPI entity will be improved to now hold active and on-hold duration values to understand better how many business hours elapsed to meet a specific service level agreement metric. The specific details of this new feature, positioned for release in October are outlined below,

  • SLA KPIs now have active duration and on-hold duration attributes.

  • Active duration will show the business hours taken by the SLA KPI to reach its terminal state of success or failure from its start time.

  • On-hold duration will show the business hours for which the SLA KPI's timer was put on hold.

Unified Routing

A new set of Routing capabilities are going to be introduced to the existing Call Routing function. This new set of capabilities will add "High Capacity" and "Most Idle" variables in order to direct calls to agents who are idle for the longest duration.

Percentage-based work allocation using route-to-queue rules that can output to more than one queue and overflow management enhancements to transfer calls to alternative queues if agents are available or offer a callback if there is a high volume of unassigned calls in the queue.

Embedded Teams chat enhancements

As featured in the D365 Sales section, chats can be tracked on the associated record timeline. Users can access recent chat-related events in the timeline, such as sharing a document.

Conversation auto-summarising will be generally available in this release wave, including shareable conversation summaries that are formatted to highlight the issue and proposed solutions.

Improved Knowledge article, Smart assist and Agent Scripting

Administrators can select more fields from cases and knowledge article records which can be used to recommend these to agents from an active case proactively.

Improved Customer Service historical analytics reports

Changes made to the historical analysis reports and drill down ability from Summary pages to specific Agent pages. Further visibility of Case Topics and Unified Routing analytics by the route.

Hope you all enjoyed this post on the Release Wave 2 plans for 2022 for D365 for Customer Service. I will continue this series with some additional content specifically related to Field Service. Take Care, Speak Soon!

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