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We need to talk about......D365 Sales Insights......Part 3!

Continuing my series of blogs relating to the changing face of D365 for Sales, and in particular the release of major functionality around Sales Insights.

In this third post, I am going to look at the Productivity section of the Sales Insights update

Reminder from the first blog on...............LICENSING! To avail of all the Sales Insights functionality, you will need a Sales Enterprise license. However, a number of standard features which I will cover in a later blog are available with Sales Professional licensing. For your reference, these are Relationship Assistant, Auto Capture, and Email Engagement.

And now back to the exciting stuff.

As mentioned we are going to talk about all things Productivity. The Productivity section of Sales Insights consists of the following components,

Conversation intelligence is a tricky one to bring to life in a blog post as it needs a considerable amount of data before it will actually produce results that you can report. Essentially it is an integration with Teams, which analyses your conversations with client and customers and will highlight any keys trends or terms which are used.

Auto Capture however, is something we can bring to life easily and all of these components have a simple radio button enabler which you must configure first.

Once each component is enabled, we can start seeing the results in the D365 timeline, as these are all timeline-based figures.

Auto Capture

Auto Capture is a great feature to enable users to track and set regarding existing email activities that they may have forgotten to link to key Sales records.

Below you can see the activity suggestions appearing at the top of the time, these can be linked directly to the record or ignored and deleted if they are not relevant. Really useful for tracking replies that the system may not pick up automatically for you.

Email Engagement

Email Engagement will allow people to now track and see how emails have been received and opened by the recipients. Allowing for a delivery receipt type confirmation to come back into the timeline.

Notes Analysis

Notes Analysis will be of particular interest to users who use the note entity extensively to track minutes of meetings, discussions on phone calls, or any other note-taking requirements. The Analysis of the note will pull out key dates or pieces of information for you to engage with directly.

Hope you enjoyed my continued series on D365 Sales Insights...............stay tuned for the next blog in this series were I will be looking at Lead and Opportunity Scoring!

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