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We need to talk about... Dynamics 365 Co-Pilot... Dynamics 365 Viva Sales

Today I kick off a new series focusing specifically on the features and functionality which are now woven into all the first party apps within Dynamics 365. This feature is called Microsoft Dynamics Co-Pilot.

At the date of posting some components of Co-Pilot are still in early release and not yet available in European tenants. But we can still review and play around with some features.

Co-Pilot in Viva Sales

Viva Sales is enables sellers to automatically capture data in Dynamics 365 from Outlook and Microsoft Teams, reducing manual data entry and switching between applications, giving more time to focus on selling. You can read more about Viva Sales in my post

Let's take a look at some of the ways Co-Pilot in Viva Sales can make sellers' work lives easier.

Create email responses

With Co-Pilot, users are able to create email responses using the Viva Sales pane, whether it is to reply to an inquiry, write a proposal, or offer a discount to a prospect. You can review the email and make appropriate modifications before sending it. The feature is now generally available for users.

For example, suppose a customer asks you the total cost for a certain product/service and asks if they can get additional discounts. You can query that from Outlook, and Co-Pilot will scan Dynamics 365 data and populate the answer in the email.

Once Co-Pilot has generated your text you have the option to re-generate it if you don't like the first draft or you have the option to paste it directly into the body of your email.

Once your email has been sent and you receive important messages back into Outlook, such as a client wishing to go ahead with a proposal or asking for additional information, Co-Pilot automatically suggests an update to Dynamics 365 and marks the opportunity as won, or generates an example response to send back.

In addition to the above functionality Co-Pilot will also help you create an email with proposed meeting times with customers based on their calendar availability. This makes it quicker to schedule meetings by finding a time that works for everyone.

Access Co-Pilot during live Teams meetings

During live Teams meetings, your Co-Pilot can query Dynamics 365 data for the latest information, including account overview, recent customer interactions and their areas of focus. These details equip you to have productive conversations right within the Teams interface in your flow of work.

Users can ask Co-Pilot to recap what happened so far and what questions are unresolved, and get answers in real-time, which is especially useful if you join a call late.

If the customer asks a commercial question, prompt Co-Pilot to scan your sales materials and give you an immediate response, meaning you don't have to switch applications, you can stay focused on the meeting while Co-Pilot supports you.

Meeting summarisation

A Co-Pilot preview feature in Viva Sales allows teams to follow up with prospects using AI-generated meeting summaries. Conversational intelligence within Viva Sales automatically provides a transcript for a Teams meeting. At the end of a call, this includes a conversation summary with highlights, action items and KPIs.

Co-Pilot pulls this meeting information and intelligently drafts an email you can send to prospects without spending hours recapping a conversation and switching between systems to access the data you need.

To check our Microsoft Co-Pilot in Viva Sales in action, click on the video below,

Hope you all enjoyed this post on the Microsoft Dynamics Co-Pilot in Sales. Next up, Customer Service. Take Care, Speak Soon!

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