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We need to talk about... Dynamics 365 Co-Pilot... PowerApps

Today I continue my new series focusing specifically on the features and functionality which are now woven into all the first party apps within Dynamics 365. This feature is called Microsoft Dynamics Co-Pilot.

Co-Pilot in Power Apps

Copilot in Power Apps works similarly to the functionality I have already looked in this series, focusing on the prompt and response style engagement we now get with Copilot build into our solutions.

Creating apps using this prompt and response approach is now possible in Power Apps using natural language queries and mostly importantly, without writing code.

This is a step forward for anyone starting to learn Power Apps. Even experts can use this to speed up their process instead of creating an app from scratch.

So, let's say you want to create an app that tracks tracks data breaches within your organisation. All you have to do is write, "create a data breach application".

and of the application will go and start building your app...

Copilot will do what’s required to create the app in the background and generate a sample table structure of how the data will appear.

You can now of course ask for any changes you want and fine-tune the results. Let’s say, “make name a first name and second name field instead"”, and the app will be updated accordingly.

Once the app is created we are ready to test it out.

Once published, you are dropped directly into the Power Apps builder experience, where you see the main components, screen, fields and options that Copilot has already created for you.

From here we can physically interact and test our new app, by opening and editing existing test data or by adding new records ourselves.

Additional features such as Preview and the App checker are also available, which will recommend suggested changes to something you have created

As with the most of the Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Copilot features, this is a limited preview feature in the US region, but watch out for when it’s widely rolled out.

Check out the link to see some of the feature of Co-Pilot in action.

At the date of posting some components of Co-Pilot are still in early release and not yet available in European tenants. But we can still review and play around with some features.

Hope you all enjoyed this post on the Microsoft Dynamics Co-Pilot in Power Apps. Take Care, Speak Soon!

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