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We need to talk about... Dynamics 365 Copilot... Dynamics 365 Marketing

Today I continue my new series focusing specifically on the features and functionality which are now woven into all the first party apps within Dynamics 365. This feature is called Microsoft Dynamics Copilot.

At the date of posting some components of Copilot are still in early release and not yet available in European tenants. But we can still review and play around with some features.

Copilot in Marketing

With Copilot in Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can describe the key messaging points for an email, and AI will generate content ideas that you can choose from or make additional changes to before adding to your marketing page, form or email.

With an AI-generated outline, you can create a rough draft in no time and use this as a basis for further tweaking.

Your Copilot will generate content consistent with your previous marketing messages regarding brand style, tone, and structure. This feature is expected to reach general availability in April 2023.

You can also quickly create real-time marketing segments using natural language queries to avoid navigating multiple data structures.

Instead of manually selecting specific tables, you can type in a query like "contacts with email addresses that allow bulk emails based in London", and the Query Assist panel will suggest a data structure that can be refined to include more details if needed. This isn't a complete solution for creating complex segments, but it's a great starting point to quickly build criteria and fine-tune the results to define the precise segment.

Check out the link to see some of the feature of Copilot in action.

Hope you all enjoyed this post on the Microsoft Dynamics Co-Pilot in Marketing. Next up, The Power Platform. Take Care, Speak Soon!

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