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We need to talk about... Power Pages... DocuSign on Power Pages

Next in my blog series on Power Pages is a walkthrough of the features and functionality of another integration which I stumbled upon recently.

What originally attracted me to this integration is the face that organisations are continually searching for ways to enhance efficiency and streamline operations. An area that I have experienced which is a constant challenge is the ability to produce documents are part of a process. This is further complicated when your process is external, such as an application process managed through an external portal. These processes are further complicated by the need for digital signatures, these digital signatures play a crucial role in various scenarios, such as employee onboarding, application submissions, and loan processing.

Microsoft Power Pages of course alllow organisations to launch external websites for collecting, automating, and securely sharing critical business data with their customers, partners, and constituents. With the additional of a document generation tool and document signing tool such as DocuSign, we can now provided a more functional and flexible solution.


Setting up the DocuSign integration with a Pages website involves three straightforward steps. Firstly the site admin installs the DocuSign package from the Setup workspace.

The admin or developer configures Power Automate flows within the package and resolves connection references. They also set up DocuSign templates, linking them to Microsoft Dataverse business data tables, and optionally configure prefilled tabs.

Once completed we receive a confirmation of the necessary flows and automations are created.


We then need to configures templates to be used initially in the document generation process.

A basic configuration of the template is shown below,

A form with a sub-grid linked to the business data table is added, and e-signature functionality is enabled in the new Integrations > External Apps tab within the Pages workspace.

Template Document

Below we have a letter of offer template that we can now link to our multi step form above.

Use Cases for E-Signatures Across Industries

Microsoft Power Pages and DocuSign interoperability offer a wide range of industry-specific applications, including. Customer onboarding and the simplifying of account opening, KYC forms, and agreement processes with digital signatures. Ongoing Applications and the ability to streamline the approval of loan applications, credit card applications, and financial documents.

Hope you all enjoyed this post on the Power Pages and its integration with DocuSign. I will continue this series with some additional content specifically related to Power Pages and how they work with other aspects of the Power Platform. Take Care, Speak Soon!

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