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We need to talk about... Power Platform Release Wave 2 for 2023... Power Apps

It's that time of year again and today I launch my series on updates for Release Wave 2 for 2023. Today I am taking you through the features and functionality we can expect to see released between October 2023 and March 2024 specifically for Power Apps.

The PDF file also includes information about Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Pages, Power Virtual Agents, Microsoft Dataverse, Microsoft Power Platform governance and administration, and data integration.

The Microsoft Power Platform features coming in the 2023 release wave 2 have been summarized in a separate release plan as well as a downloadable PDF

Create data-connected apps with new responsive layout templates

Power Apps users will now be able to design fully responsive apps and make use of a wide range of templates available from a new layout designer. The designs automatically adjust to various window sizes, giving users a visually appealing experience whether they access your app on a mobile, tablet or laptop device.

The screen layout templates will have pre-configured layouts for multiple form factors, enabling users to quickly create apps for any device. While creating their app, users will have the ability to preview how the app will reformat for various screen sizes.

New look and feel for model-driven Power Apps

Model-driven Power Apps now have an updated user interface aligning with the latest Microsoft Fluent Design System. This provides users with new controls and experiences in order to design fully functional applications, but also applications that contain the latest UI improvements.

Model Driven Apps will now have the new look and feel which extends to include themes, customisation of forms, views and dashboards. Users can opt-in by selecting the Try the new look option. Once enabled, model-driven apps use the latest Microsoft Fluent Design-based elements as they're released. Users can switch back at any time.

Copilot to build and edit apps in Power Apps Studio

This latest update to Copilot in Power Apps brings further capabilities to enable Copilot to build apps based on natural language input. This will simplify the app development process and increase the chances of success.

In Power Apps Studio, users can use Copilot to build and edit apps using natural language. Makers have the ability to execute tasks, such as adding screens and controls, modifying properties, and linking to data.

Makers can initiate straightforward prompts, such as:

  • Add a button

  • Change my field orientation to align centre

  • Change all my fields/labels to have a larger font size

  • Make this label bold

  • Connect my gallery to my Account table

Once you have created your app using the natural language input on the main screen, you can further edit your app using the floating Copilot pane which will appear to the right hand of the design studio. From here we can add more fields, change the details within existing fields and so much more.

Experience improved named formula browsing in Power Apps Studio

To date, the UI/UX experience provided to users to build named formulas is very basic. This latest update adds several UX improvements to Power Apps Studio to make it easier to browse and use named formulas in canvas apps.

The named formulas are now defined by navigating to the app object in the app tree view document map and then selecting the formula's property from the properties dropdown.

This means, among other things that users can now

  • See the list of defined named formulas integrated within the recently introduced Variables & Collections pane in Power Apps Studio.

  • Users can select a named formula within the list and be navigated directly to its definition for easy editing.

  • Users can view a list of all references to the named formula within their app, which will make it easy to see everywhere that the named formula is used.

Hope you all enjoyed this post on the Power Apps Release Wave 2 for 2024 updates I will continue this series with some additional content specifically related to the remainder of the Power Platform in the coming weeks. Take Care, Speak Soon!

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