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We need to talk about......D365 Sales Insights......Part 5!

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Continuing my series of blogs relating to the changing face of D365 for Sales, and in particular the release of major functionality around Sales Insights.

In this fifth and final post, I am going to look at Relationship Analytics and Talking Points within the Sales Insights update. Reminder from the first blog on...............LICENSING! To avail of all the Sales Insights functionality, you will need a Sales Enterprise license. However, a number of standard features which I will cover in a later blog are available with Sales Professional licensing. For your reference, these are Relationship Assistant, Auto Capture, and Email Engagement.

And now back to the exciting stuff.

As mentioned we are going to talk about all things Relationship Analytics. The Analytics section of Sales Insights consists of the following components,

To enable Relationship Analytics and Talking Points you must first grant permissions to both D365 and your exchange, as these components basically analyze your activities and the content within those activities to return tangible information and analysis.

The main we do need to configure once the overall permissions have been granted is the importance of the various activities we will use to interact with records within the solution.

Above, I have given everything uniform importance of 8 out 10, but if you valued face to face interactions more as an organization you may want to increase the meeting, i.e. appointments in D365 up to 10, and reduce say, the day to day tasks you complete behind the scenes down to 5. This means an Account with more meetings than tasks would have a higher relationship score.

You will also see at the bottom of the screenshot, you can configure the groupings of Good, Fair, and Poor. Element of trial and error may be needed here, at least until you see the initial scores the solution provides.

In terms of the scoring, once enabled Relationship Analytics creates a new tab on the Lead, Account, and Contact Sales Insights forms.

As you can see this tab gives you a wealth of analytics and this is all based and how much time you log against activities, how many activities you log/track, and in the case of emails, how many you send/how quickly you reply.

Above, I am showing Good relationship health which is the highest score, I can also see I have sent more emails than the customers, spent more time on activities and I am responding to customer emails, quicker than they are responding to mine, so all in all a healthy customer relationship.

In addition to the Relationship Health tab, we also have the Talking Points feature. It is enabled alongside relationship health in the admin settings and will listen out for key phrases and terms used primarily in Emails threads.

Repeated phrases will be extracted and highlighted on the Contact form to act as a reminder of any interests or hobbies that a particular contact has.

Hope you enjoyed my continued series on D365 Sales Insights...............stay tuned for the next blog in a new series looking at each of the D365 CE modules!

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